Construction Project Management

 Benchmark Construction, Inc. believes in a two-step approach to project management on every design build project. First on the office side, Benchmark Construction designates a full time employee as project manager for each building venture.  This project manager will be responsible for:

  • Issuing all notices and communication affecting this project on a timely basis 
  • Coordinating the building project with all local and state regulatory authorities
  • Negotiating with all sub-contractors
  • Communicating with the building owner including the architect
  • Making decisions for while representing the contractor's interest in matters related to cost, schedule and execution of construction. 

Secondly, Benchmark Construction will designate a full time employee to acts as a field superintendent until substantial completion of the building project. This superintendent will be assigned to only one project at a time and is on site eight hours or more a day. The field superintendent shall be experienced with the specified building materials and systems used in the construction project. The superintendent will also be responsible for:

  • Daily planning and execution of all fieldwork 
  • Scheduling and directing sub-contractors on the job site, 
  • Maintaining on site records as required, 
  • Managing dimensional control of the structures
  • Monitoring the completed work for compliance with the contract drawings including specifications

Construction Planning
Benchmark Construction, Inc. will coordinate with the design build team construction planning during the pre-construction phase of the building project. Meetings will be held as required to review, discuss and plan the project. Planning items include: 

  • Project Master Schedule 
  • Construction Phasing Plan 
  • Design Drawing Review 
  • Coordination with Outside Agencies 
  • Coordination with Public Utility Services 
  • Conceptual Estimating 
  • Value Engineering 
  • Budget Development 
  • Constructability Review 
  • Budget Review and Control 
  • Bidder Pre-qualification and Bid Solicitation 
  • Definition of "Bid-Package" Scopes 
  • Final Bid Tabulations and Review 

Construction Project Scheduling
Benchmark Construction, Inc. utilizes Critical Path Method scheduling for all of its projects. Currently we are using Scitor's PS-6 for our scheduling. This schedule details the activities and time necessary for everyone involved in the project. The printed schedule shows the percent complete of each activity in the design build project and the current date line. This makes it easy to see whether the project is on schedule, ahead of schedule or behind schedule. The project schedule is discussed weekly and updated monthly so that everyone involved is kept abreast of the progress of the job. Below is an example of a schedule from a past project.