Construction Subcontractor Management

 Selecting the right subcontractor for any portion of the design build process is vital to the overall success of the building project. At Benchmark Construction, we take this selection process very seriously, to best serve the needs of you and your construction project. 

Effective management of subcontractors during their individual project phases is also crucial. At Benchmark, we oversee and monitor all activities of our subcontractors, to keep costs down and results up!

Selection Process

  1. Each subcontractor shall furnish six credit references that include legal names, addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers. This should consist of banks, credit unions, suppliers, or any other financial institution associated with the construction subcontractor. 
  2. A subcontractor has to supply six work references that include legal names, addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers. This should consist of general contractors, business owners, suppliers, and government agencies that have worked with the subcontractor for the last three years. 
  3. Every construction subcontractor will show current certificates of general liability insurance coverage with a minimum of $500,000 of insurance coverage. 
  4. All subcontractors will need to furnish valid certificates of worker's compensation insurance coverage. 
  5. It is mandatory that a subcontractor provide their experience modification rate for the past 3 years from their worker's compensation insurance provider. 
  6. All construction subcontractors has to provide a certificate of insurance for the company's construction equipment and vehicles with a minimum of $500,000 of insurance coverage. 
  7. Subcontractors need to provide copies of current Idaho construction license numbers and proof of active license status. 
  8. Each subcontractor is required to produce a copy of a valid Idaho Contractor's Registration Card. 
  9. Every subcontractor will need to prove that the business is a corporation, partnership, or is individually owned. 
  10. All subcontractors need to prove how many years the subcontracting construction company has been in business. 
  11. Subcontractors will have to indicate the various types of work or classifications in which the subcontractor is experienced and for which they desire to be qualified. 
  12. Every subcontractor must list key personnel of their current organization and record the present position with years of experience. 
  13. Subcontractors will produce a current balance sheet, preferably from an Idaho CPA firm. 
  14. Each subcontractor shall provide the phone number of the bonding agent of record. 
  15. Every subcontractor will specify if they have ever failed to complete any work awarded to them.