Design Build VS Design-Bid-build

 design build method

Advantages of Design Build Construction Approach 

  • Project Cost Established In the Beginning
    Using the preliminary design allows more time for value engineering. 
  • Efficient Time Management
    Eliminating the bidding and re-design process cuts time and cost of construction. 
  • Innovative Development Solutions
    You will have access to fresh ideas through the partnership made between owner and contractor
  • Greater Cost Control
    Knowing costs earlier creates more opportunity for you to make different decision at every stage. 
  • Single Source for Information
    Throughout the process, you will have a single source to contact regarding questions or concerns. 
  • Design Build Team Effort
    Working as a team creates opportunity to explore the most cost effective construction methods. 
  • Building Experience
    Developing a relationship with a building contractor experienced in the design build process allows the building project to be started sooner while saving time during the construction phases. 
  • Consistent Construction Quality
    Working with a single source provides more accountability for quality of all elements. 
  • Fewer Changes
    Putting design and construction under one source makes change orders the exception, not the rule. 
  • Improved Risk Management
    Working with an experienced design build contractor balances your risk.