UCD Lighting

Ultra Constant Discharge Lighting, also known as UCD lighting, is a high efficiency lamp solution that has many practical applications from use in the home to use on a citywide level and beyond.

Uses for UCD Lighting

  • Residential lighting solution for use in the home
  • Commercial lighting for both interior and exterior of businesses
  • City lighting solution for street lighting
  • Lighting for an arena and other large venue

What is UCD Lighting?

UCD lighting is a low charge, high efficiency light that has an extended lifespan of 20,000 hours. UCD lamps use only 120(W) to operate, and have an efficiency rating of 108 (Lm/W), which is the highest efficiency rating of all lamp types, even above LED lighting. UCD lamps possess superior durability, and are resistant to weather and insects, which makes them strong enough use outdoors.

UCD lighting has the highest efficiency of any bulbs currently available. It has color rendering that is similar to sunlight and has a working temperature that is suitable for all climates. With an instant turn on velocity, UCD lighting is great for everything from interior residential uses to use for events in an arena.

UCD lighting is also a great solution for outdoor use for street lighting. UCD lighting has specially designed reflectors paired with heat resistant glass, which provides a completely dust resistant and waterproof environment.