More Benefits of the Design Build Process

We are often asked what the advantages of design-build are when compared to the conventional system of architect and general contractor. Here are a few of our favorite reasons to choose a design-built system.

• If you choose a design-build firm, you are sticking with them throughout the whole process. You aren’t dealing with multiple entities, which ensures a higher efficiency and a better final product.

• We are experts in both the design and building processes. This means that you will get a cleaner, more efficient product from start to finish. This means better quality and no headaches for our customers.

• More involvement from you, which means the final product will be what you envision! By making yourself a part of the process you take away the pain of finding out the final product wasn’t at all what you pictured in your head.

• Adherence to timelines is a much easier task when everyone involved at the project works for the same company. Instead of dealing with two different sources for your building project, you only have to deal with one. This means the project is much more likely to stay on schedule and be completed in a timely manner.

• You save! This is our favorite answer, as it has the most benefit to you. Building projects are very expensive, and we know as a customer you appreciate anyway to save money. By going with a design-build firm, you can save up to 10% when compared with the costs of a traditional firm.

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