UCD Lighting for City Use

UCD lighting is becoming a popular option for city planners as they offer a variety of benefits over traditional street lighting systems. Aside from a longer lifespan and richer lighting experience, UCD lighting can handle the elements, making it ideal for outdoor use.

UCD lighting requires less general upkeep than standard lighting solutions. When maintenance is required, it is safer and easier to maintain than standard lighting systems. UCD lighting uses a two bulb system, so when one is no longer working, the other kicks on in its place. As opposed to traditional lighting systems, UCD lighting uses less energy, meaning that it is a great way to reduce overall energy use, saving the city money.

There are many reasons that a city should consider making the switch to UCD lighting. These include:

  • Lower Cost
  • Lower Energy Necessary to Operate
  • Longer Lifetime
  • Decreased Maintenance
  • Weatherproof

These are just a few of the reasons that your city should consider switching to UCD lighting. If you would like to learn more about UCD lighting, contact us today.