UCD Lighting Features

Ultra Constant Discharge, or UCD Lighting, is an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional lighting solutions. UCD Lighting is a power saving light system emitted by low voltage in arc tubes filled with Xenon gas and metallic compounds through ultra constant discharging. But what sets UCD lighting apart?

Features of UCD Lighting:

• High Efficiency 108 LM/W

• Super Slim and Lightweight

• Working Temperature Range of -50° C to +85° C

• Automatic shutdown on failure of ignition and overheating

• Eco-Friendly lighting solution

• Low heat generation

• Superior Durability – 20,000 hour longevity

UCD Lighting is becoming a very popular solution for those who are seeking a more green lighting solution. UCD Lighting features a constant effect of 70% in power reduction, and has an efficiency of 108 (Lw/W). They have the highest range of working temperature, and instantly turn on as opposed to other light bulbs that have a turn on velocity upwards of 20 minutes.

There are many reasons to make the switch to UCD Lighting. Contact us today to find out how to utilize UCD Lighting for your next project!