The UCD Solution

Ultra Constant Discharge, or UCD Lighting, is a low charge high-efficiency lamp that totes high quality, durable, and long-lasting lighting solutions. UCD Lighting is revolutionizing the way that people are utilizing efficient lighting. It mixes seven colors in the visible spectrum to create the most natural color possible. This makes vision much clearer and colors more vivid.

UCD Lighting is a more efficient means of lighting everything from household lighting to commercial and industrial uses. Many cities are turning to UCD Lighting for streetlight solutions as they have a significantly decreased chance of short-circuiting, are easily maintained, and are protected from water, dust, and insects.

All UCD Lights are tested before leaving the factory, which means you are receiving the highest quality product. UCD Lamps feature the lowers power consumption of other lamp types on the market and the highest efficiency. UCD Lamps also features one of the longest lifespans of currently available markets, second only to LED lighting which consumer almost twice the power with almost half the efficiency rating.

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