Why use Design-Build instead of Design-Bid-Build?

  1. With design-build, you’ll have one point of contact to contact for status updates and accountability for the project. Since the entire project – including the architect(s) and engineer(s) needed - is coordinated by the design-builder, any typical denial of responsibility or blame disputes between the architect and builder are avoided.
  2. Seeing the entire project’s scope from the beginning allows the design-builder to provide a more accurate quote since they receive all sub-contracted bids up front. In design-bid-build, the architect has two disadvantages: the construction costs will not be known until the design is complete, and the architect is generally not as accurate on building costs as an actual builder.
  3. Design-build projects are sometimes completed much sooner than design-bid-build. Why? The builder can start construction earlier in the design process – with design-bid-build, no construction can be begun until the entire design is completed. Additionally, the building can pre-order any items needed.
  4. No change orders – Guaranteed! The Benchmark Design/Build process is an approach based on teamwork and coordination. Since the designers and builders are in cooperation from the beginning, Benchmark Construction can save clients up to 15% or more by avoiding change orders.