Commercial Construction

5 Tips for Completing Your Construction Project on Time

female architect at construction site

When you decide to start a commercial construction project, an essential step is to determine the time it will take to complete the job. This time frame is usually estimated by a general contractor and is subject to revision as the project initially gets started. Throughout the construction process, there are many crucial deadlines for planning, permits, financing and more. With an abundance of essential pieces to keep in mind, you work hard to accomplish the project in the timeframe that was estimated.

However, we are all aware of horror stories of construction projects gone wrong, facing delays that are either weeks or months long, putting the plan severely behind schedule. But fear not, we've got some helpful tips that will improve the chances of your project finishing on time.

Is It Time to Update or Expand Your Commercial Space?

commercial renovation

Knowing when to update your commercial space means balancing the current needs of your business with your potential for growth. Remodeling, expanding, or even entirely new building construction for your organization can bring about some exciting opportunities. Here's how to know when it's time to put building construction on your list of business goals.

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