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What to Ask Your Construction Contractor

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Now that you’ve found the general contractor for your upcoming project, the next step is to prep for that project by making sure you have all questions answered. You probably (and understandably) have a lot of questions, but perhaps you aren’t sure how to ask them or what to prioritize. We’ve compiled this guide to help you determine what to ask your general contractor in order to get your project underway.

The Important Questions to Ask

About The Company

You may have researched and interviewed the company you’re using, but it’s not too late to learn more about who you’re working with. You can ask for specific examples of projects the contractor has worked on, particularly those that are similar to your own. And, definitely ask about the company itself if you’d like to know more about it.

How Construction Services Handle Pre-Construction and Project Planning

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If you’re planning a construction project in the Pacific Northwest or surrounding states, Benchmark Construction has you covered. Licensed in California, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Washington, and Montana, Benchmark offers a full spectrum of construction services to ensure you have support every step of the way. But what exactly do construction services offer at the onset of the project? Let’s take a closer look.

Setup and Planning: Pre-Construction Phase

Pre-construction is a critical timeframe for any construction project. This is when all parties gain an understanding of expectations, requirements, and potential challenges. Some of the key components in this stage include:

Is it Time for a Major Building Restoration or just Preventative Maintenance?

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Mortar joints are popping out. Steel is visibly rusting. Cracks in the concrete are growing. Sound familiar?

No building structure made of concrete, steel or masonry is indestructible. Your building gives an impression, but it’s also your first defense against outside forces as simple as the weather. Even with routine maintenance and upkeep, if you allow defects to go for too long, your structural integrity could be at risk.

Check for Structural Integrity

Keeping an eye on minor issues when you have preventative assessments of your structure is crucial. Routine maintenance can save you money and time, but only if you are willing to fix the minor issues before they require a full-blown restoration.

Take a walk around your building and pay attention to things that could potentially be issues and make a note of them. Watch them over time to see if they worsen. Here are some keep areas in buildings to keep an eye on:

Looking for Construction Services? Go With Who You Know!

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You've been happy with your choice of general contractor for your commercial construction project, so why not use their construction services for ongoing upgrades, remodels and facility management? The benefit of insider information about your building project is invaluable, including the names of subcontractors, types of systems installed, potential problem areas, and your building's unique requirements.

Here's why going with who you know is a great choice for all of your ongoing construction services needs.

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