Why Construction Projects are Late and Over Budget

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If you're in the pre-planning stages of a construction project, you want to know the answer to following two critical questions: How much will the project cost, and when will it be finished? Let's take a look at both aspects of your construction project.

1. How much will my construction project cost?

Every customer wants a firm dollar figure for their construction project, but it's not uncommon to hear of jobs that go way over budget. Most of the time, change orders are the cause of cost overages. Contractors capitalize on change orders, knowing full well that they'll begin acting upon them after the project starts, and that the customer will ultimately foot the bill.

How Design-Build Construction Saves Customers Time and Money

Savings Under Construction

Beginning a construction project of any kind is a massive undertaking. As a customer, you may be stepping into entirely uncharted waters, putting your faith in a variety of construction services providers and hoping they'll make decisions in your best interest.

The Design-Build Difference

Before you've signed on with any construction services providers, you're still very much in the driver's seat. Unfortunately, many construction projects spiral out of the customer's control very quickly, with missed deadlines, a stream of change orders, and unexpected cost overages.

To make sure your project stays on budget and schedule, Benchmark Construction uses a design-build approach that's different from traditional methods.

Here's how a design-build construction approach has your back, from start to finish.

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