3 Tips for Remodeling Your Retail Space

Submitted by Tech Support on Mon, 11/19/2018 - 12:11
remodel of retail space

When you decide to remodel your retail space, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. A remodel can enhance your business, drawing new customers and ensuring repeats, but business owners want to minimize the impact during construction as much as possible.

At Benchmark Construction, we understand the intricacies of construction projects, and we’d love to help you plan yours. We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips to help you start the planning process.

1. Narrow Down Most Important Elements

It can be tempting to want to do a complete overhaul, but that’s not always the best plan. Alternately, in some cases it’s a smart idea to tackle a bit more – say, you want to refresh the appearance, but some of the behind the scenes stuff (like electrical or plumbing) could use replacing.

Your first step should be to decide on the outcome you want, then whittle down any non-essentials, then determine any extras. This will help you understand both the scope of the project and get a rough idea of the costs.

2. Create Visuals or Mockups

Having an idea in your head is great, but sometimes there is a disconnect between the dream and reality. Whenever possible, get as much down on paper (or computer) as you can. This might mean sketching plans or finding examples you like.

Another option is to work with a designer who can help you turn your ideas into actual plans.

3. Determine Timing

Any construction project needs a solid timeline, so that should be a key part of your planning. Additionally, thinking of timing in terms of impact is helpful, too. For example, starting a project just before the holiday season usually isn’t the best idea as it will add additional stress and can impact your bottom line during what’s probably the busiest time of year.

Working with your contractor to determine a timeline is the easiest way to gain realistic expectations about the length of the project. Then you can better work to reduce interference with your day to day business operations.

Whatever your construction needs, choose Benchmark for the best in construction services for every remodel project. Contact us today to learn how we can help!