Want a Better Way To Build?

General contractors

Collaboration at the Core of Every Project

When it’s time to build, you need someone to protect your budget and schedule. Benchmark’s design-build process is the answer.

With traditional construction, the architect and the general contractor approach your project in isolation. Unfortunately, when the “design” and the “build” work come from two separate contracts, it’s all too easy to have communication breakdowns. With Benchmark’s integrated design-build model, our team of professionals works together to achieve your goals.

Let Benchmark Streamline the Construction Process

Every construction project faces many moving parts where any lapse in communication can lead to unnecessary costs and delays. That’s why we put collaboration at the core of every project. Open communication leads to better plans, accountability, and service. Our design-build construction team keeps your project on track every step of the way:

  1. Present your project vision – Our process begins with understanding your vision and getting everyone on the same page with your project goals.
  2. Determine a realistic budget – We analyze your needs and offer “value engineering” upfront for better cost management.
  3. Work with one point of contact –We’ll build the right team for your project. Our proven relationships with experienced architects, engineers, and other needed consultants will provide you with the best service and value.
  4. Approve the design – Construction begins once all parties have finalized the plans to meet your satisfaction.
  5. Enjoy a streamlined build – The design-build model works to get your project done on time and on budget.

Run Your Business—We’ll Handle the Rest

The design-build method relieves the stress of communication errors that can happen during construction. Since you need to concentrate on daily business operations, our design-build team works to manage all aspects of the project on your behalf. From overseeing the design and permitting to hiring the construction team, Benchmark is uniquely equipped to create strategic teams with proven architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, soil engineers, landscape architects, and sub-contractors for your project. We’ve spent decades building quality relationships across the construction industry. This network allows us to save you time and money. It’s time to put Benchmark Construction’s decades of experience, and design-build know-how to work for you.

Ready to start? How can we help?

General Contracting - Construction Management

As your general contractor, we capture your vision of the project and coordinate with the construction team to ensure that your plans become reality. 

Benchmark Construction believes in a two-tier approach:

First, Benchmark designates a full-time employee as the project manager for each building venture. This project manager takes responsibility for:

  • Communicating with the client and design consultants
  • Pricing the project
  • Negotiating with all sub-contractors
  • Issuing all notices and communication affecting this project on a timely basis
  • Managing budgets, subcontracts, schedules, change orders, submittals, RFI’s, pay applications, and daily reports
  • Coordinating the building project with all local and state regulatory authorities
  • Making decisions while representing the client's interest in matters related to cost, schedule, and execution of construction.

Second, Benchmark will designate a full-time employee as a field superintendent until the substantial completion of the building project. The field superintendent is experienced with the specified building materials and systems used during the construction project. The superintendent takes responsibility for:

  • Daily planning and execution of all fieldwork.
  • Scheduling and directing sub-contractors on the job site
  • Resolving quality control issues
  • Maintaining safety standards 
  • Keeping on-site records as required 
  • Monitoring the completed work for compliance with the contract plans and specifications.

Whatever your project needs, we’re equipped to serve.