3 Ways to Avoid Building Construction Delays

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It's not uncommon for commercial building construction projects to take longer than the customer anticipated. One seemingly harmless delay can have a ripple effect that puts the entire job off course.

Check out these tips to avoid common bottlenecks and delays in your building construction project's timeline.

1. Understand Your Local Permitting Process

No matter where your building construction project is taking place, it's critical to understand the permitting process. In almost all cases, there's no realistic way to fast-track building permits. Since procedures vary from one city to the next, working with a building construction company that's familiar with the area can make a big difference. They'll know how much time to figure into the overall plan so you won't be faced with any unpleasant surprises.

2. Be Realistic About Material Deliveries

Some building construction materials have long lead times for delivery, and in most cases, there's no way around this. For example, some manufacturers build their products to spec out of necessity. For example, HVAC units and elevators for commercial building construction are rarely in-stock items. Similarly, specialty materials may require much longer lead times due to customization or overseas delivery. Figuring material deliveries into your overall timeline will is critical to realistic project completion.

3. Choose a Design-Build Process

Many building construction delays could be avoided by working with an experienced design-build construction company. Design-build's teamwork approach brings needed transparency and communication to building construction projects. By involving each team member from concept to finish, customers can bypass expensive delays, change orders, and costly surprises caused by miscommunication.

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