5 Tips for Completing Your Construction Project on Time

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female architect at construction site

When you decide to start a commercial construction project, an essential step is to determine the time it will take to complete the job. This time frame is usually estimated by a general contractor and is subject to revision as the project initially gets started. Throughout the construction process, there are many crucial deadlines for planning, permits, financing and more. With an abundance of essential pieces to keep in mind, you work hard to accomplish the project in the timeframe that was estimated.

However, we are all aware of horror stories of construction projects gone wrong, facing delays that are either weeks or months long, putting the plan severely behind schedule. But fear not, we've got some helpful tips that will improve the chances of your project finishing on time.

Select a Dependable Contractor

Hiring the right general contractor is the first step to completing your project as expected. Find a skilled, commercial contractor who has experience working with timelines and schedules of different sub-contractors, who will ensure that the project is finished on time. Finding a contractor who has a reputation for finishing work on time is essential to completing your project as planned.

Stick to the Plan

While the contractor you choose plays a crucial role in the completion process, you play a part as well. Projects are slowed down the most when the customer begins to change their mind about different elements of the project. As plans evolve, adjustments might affect the blueprints, completed work, and halt current work so that the changes can be implemented.

Keep in Touch with Your Contractor

The best contractors will be willing to keep in touch with you as the project progresses so you can be at ease about the current state of the project. They will also allow you to schedule walkthroughs so you can see the different elements of the project as they are being completed.

This relationship will keep accountability between you and your contractor and will give your contractor the opportunity to contact you when necessary.

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