Avoiding the 3 Common Scheduling Delays of Commercial Construction

Submitted by Tech Support on Thu, 01/24/2019 - 13:43
Construction Project Schedule

Commercial construction projects move quicker than they ever have before. The urgency to develop buildings for modern businesses has driven construction firms to build more, faster. Companies that enlist a commercial construction firm to build their custom project now work on tighter schedules and expect jobs to be completed on much smaller time windows.

To accomplish these projects on time, it is essential that every measure to avoid delays possible is taken. While various interruptions come up during the build, the majority of delays occur because of choices made before the build starts.

Here are three common mistakes that lead to scheduling delays:

1. Unpredictable Construction Permit Reviews

A common mistake that clients make is assuming their building permits will clear faster than they realistically can. The local permit process is what it is, and it makes no exceptions. It is essential that the project is planned around the review of these permits, ensuring that they will not prolong the building progress. A reputable company like Benchmark Construction will be able to advise you according to the city or region you desire to build in.

2. Delayed Shop Drawing Approval

After a contract is awarded to a construction company, the job is passed off to subcontractors to develop shop drawings. After these shop drawings are created, it is the responsibility of the client, engineer, and architect to sign off on the project. If those signatures are not done soon after the design is finished, the construction process can be delayed by months.

3. Unplanned Long-Lead Items

Many elements in building projects have surprisingly long order times. HVAC units, elevators, and more can take more than fifteen weeks to get on sight for the build. It is also critical to plan these orders in accordance with other elements within the construction schedule. If you order a long-lead item that arrives when you are focusing on a different aspect of the build, you will have to put off your long-lead item which could delay the project further.

The construction experts at Benchmark Construction will help you take all of these factors into account and make sure your project is accomplished as timely as possible. To learn more, contact us today!