How Construction Services Handle Pre-Construction and Project Planning

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If you’re planning a construction project in the Pacific Northwest or surrounding states, Benchmark Construction has you covered. Licensed in California, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Washington, and Montana, Benchmark offers a full spectrum of construction services to ensure you have support every step of the way. But what exactly do construction services offer at the onset of the project? Let’s take a closer look.

Setup and Planning: Pre-Construction Phase

Pre-construction is a critical timeframe for any construction project. This is when all parties gain an understanding of expectations, requirements, and potential challenges. Some of the key components in this stage include:

  • Permits
  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Estimated costs
  • Communication with all parties, including designers, builders, contractors, and local regulatory authorities

Benchmark Construction facilitates proper communication lines, setup, and project management by offering the first of two steps in every construction project: coordinating a project manager dedicated to the project full-time. Having a project manager for your project means that everything from pricing to negotiation, communication to coordination.

Planning, Execution, and Post-Construction: Project Management

There are three main phases of any construction project that require attention to detail. As mentioned above, during the planning phase, the prep work is critical – budgets, permits, and schedules are just a few of the details to be sorted out, and without careful planning for each, the project could go awry.

The best project management will ensure the execution phase can start off smoothly and be maintained and controlled during the construction process. At this stage, the focus is on adhering to the developed plans, schedules, and budget, but it also has the added areas like safety and staffing.

In construction projects, there are invariably conflicts and challenges that arise, no matter how well laid the plans may be. A project manager is prepared for these and utilizes the plans from the pre-construction process to address them. Additionally, project managers are highly skilled at handling all the various communication needed for all steps.

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