How Design-Build Construction Saves Customers Time and Money

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Savings Under Construction

Beginning a construction project of any kind is a massive undertaking. As a customer, you may be stepping into entirely uncharted waters, putting your faith in a variety of construction services providers and hoping they'll make decisions in your best interest.

The Design-Build Difference

Before you've signed on with any construction services providers, you're still very much in the driver's seat. Unfortunately, many construction projects spiral out of the customer's control very quickly, with missed deadlines, a stream of change orders, and unexpected cost overages.

To make sure your project stays on budget and schedule, Benchmark Construction uses a design-build approach that's different from traditional methods.

Here's how a design-build construction approach has your back, from start to finish.

  1. Minimizing change orders. Did you know that some construction services companies count on change orders for lucrative markups as high as 20% or even more? The design-build approach uses common-sense teamwork from the very beginning of your building project, involving the customer (that's you), architects, engineers, and the general contractor. This holistic concept eliminates the built-in change order (and the cost overages!) that plague most construction projects.

  2. A more accurate timeline. Construction projects are notorious for extending far past the promised completion date. Benchmark's design-build approach keeps the lines of communication open between all parties for projects that hold to the predicted timeline.

  3. Overall savings. As specialists in the design-build construction concept, Benchmark provides creative solutions and streamlined processes for savings from 15% to as high as 20% over other methods.

At Benchmark Construction, we've completed hundreds of construction projects with no change orders and savings of at least 15%. To learn more and see completed examples of our work in California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Washington, get in touch with us today!