How to Tell if a Contractor Will Build Your Project On Time and On Budget

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contractor and customer shaking hands

Building construction projects are complex undertakings. With so many companies and their teams coordinating with the general contractor, one of the biggest challenges is keeping everyone informed and working toward a unified goal of finishing on time and within the projected budget.

If you're considering a building construction project soon, here are two ways to tell the difference between a contractor who will deliver your project without costly delays and budget overages and one who'll do just the opposite.

They Set a Timeline During Pre-Planning

Time is money, and building construction projects that don't finish on time will ultimately cost you, the customer, more money to complete.

At Benchmark, our design/build approach means we're committed to finishing your project on time, so we've learned how to eliminate the frustrating change orders that lead to delays and budget overruns.

They Prioritize Communication

A common issue during building construction is that the general contractor is nowhere to be found. As a result, subcontractors proceed with their part of the project even when they're aware that costly changes will need to happen sometime later. By that time, they're long gone from the scene and have moved onto their next project. These subcontractors have little concern about the mess they've left behind because ultimately, it was the general contractor's fault for not communicating with them.

At Benchmark, we prioritize communication, teamwork, and accountability. Our full-time field superintendents are a part of the team, keeping a watchful eye on your building construction project every step of the way.

Delivering a building construction project on time and within budget may be challenging, but it's certainly not impossible. To learn more about Benchmark's approach, get in touch with one of our team members today!