Is it Time for a Major Building Restoration or just Preventative Maintenance?

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Mortar joints are popping out. Steel is visibly rusting. Cracks in the concrete are growing. Sound familiar?

No building structure made of concrete, steel or masonry is indestructible. Your building gives an impression, but it’s also your first defense against outside forces as simple as the weather. Even with routine maintenance and upkeep, if you allow defects to go for too long, your structural integrity could be at risk.

Check for Structural Integrity

Keeping an eye on minor issues when you have preventative assessments of your structure is crucial. Routine maintenance can save you money and time, but only if you are willing to fix the minor issues before they require a full-blown restoration.

Take a walk around your building and pay attention to things that could potentially be issues and make a note of them. Watch them over time to see if they worsen. Here are some keep areas in buildings to keep an eye on:

  • Corners of the building: The corners of buildings carry much of the stress, and if they are cracked, fractured or in any way not structurally sound then your building is at a great risk!

  • Windows and Skylights: These are essentially the most fragile parts of your building. Ensure that they are always sealed correctly and are not slipping in their frames. If you spot rust or decay on the frames, it’s becoming time to replace those.

  • Check for Leaks: Whether it be leaking pipes, pre-existing water damage, or a leaking roof, you want to ensure that these issues are properly dealt with before there is further damage. Leaks typically start out small, so don’t assume that because it’s minor now there won’t be greater damage in the future. Deal with any leaks as you see them immediately to prevent future damage of an even greater magnitude. Ensure that roof inspections are happening every late Fall and early Spring to deal with any issues that may arise before they become volatile.

How to Identify Issues

The best way to identify current and potential issues is to have a trained eye of a professional from a company like Benchmark come take a look and do an assessment to see how you can upgrade, remodel or build a project from the ground up! Contact us today to see what your options are.