Preparing to Work with a Design Build Team

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design build team

An effective way to tackle your next construction project is with the design-build model. Enabling this model means that your needed services like engineering, architecture, and construction are provided by one team with experienced professionals. This approach often results in giving you the best product, price, and completion timeline.

A crucial part of this process is preparation. Before sitting down with a construction company, your project should be well defined, and you should have some questions to present. Here are some tips for effectively preparing for your initial meeting:

Cast Your Vision

No one knows what you want better than you do, so giving the design-build team a well-defined vision of your project is essential. A practical place to start is by developing a wish list of what you want for the project. Be as specific as possible, giving the design-build team the most significant advantage possible for completing your project.

Research Current Trends

Every market has different trends for venue styles. An essential part of preparing for your meeting is considering what designs have been successful and popular in your specific market. With the Internet at your hands, there is no lack of resources available through articles, journals, and pictures to help you explain your vision.

Determine a Budget

In commercial construction, the possible costs are limitless, so developing a maximum budget from the very beginning is crucial. Before meeting with a design-build team, determine what your business can afford for a project with the help of your financial advisors.

Prepare to Ask Good Questions

When preparing to sit down with the design-build team, developing good questions will help you establish a relationship with the team that you are about to trust with your vision. Here are some questions to ask at your initial meeting:

  • Who is the point person of the team?
  • What are the team’s qualifications?
  • What is the estimated time completion of a project like mine?
  • Are you insured?
  • Can you provide three references I can crosscheck?
  • Who do you subcontract?
  • Who will be handling the permits, tests, inspections, and certificates?

With these preparations in place, you and your design-build team can be off to a great start from the first meeting. To learn more or to start your dream construction project today, contact Benchmark Construction today!