What Are Good Questions to Ask a General Contractor?

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Looking for a general contractor for your upcoming project? The first step is to make sure you have all questions answered. You probably (and understandably) have a lot of questions, but perhaps you aren’t sure how to ask them or what to prioritize. We’ve compiled this guide to help you determine what to ask your general contractor in order to get your project underway.

The Important Questions to Ask

About The Company

You may have researched and interviewed the company you’re using, but it’s not too late to learn more about who you’re working with. You can ask for specific examples of projects the contractor has worked on, particularly those that are similar to your own. And, definitely ask about the company itself if you’d like to know more about it.

  • What experience do you have working on this kind of project?
  • Can you talk about previous work that is similar to my project?
  • How is the company structured?

About the Project Team

Good general contractors offer project managers or dedicated team members to facilitate the project. There will also be a team working on the physical project, so you can find out about who is heading up that team.

  • Who is my point of contact?
  • Who is the site supervisor?
  • Who do I contact in case of disputes or issues?

About Logistics

Logistical questions are some of the most important. Here you’ll want to find out timelines, scheduling, and so forth. Find out when the project will start, any potential delays, and what the timeline looks like on their end.

  • How do you handle scheduling?
  • What is the timeline of this project?
  • What will you do in the event of a delay?

About Money

Finally, ask as many questions about money as you need to. It’s your money and you have a right to know where it’s going and what kind of additional costs might pop up. Finding out how the company handles billing is a good idea, too.

  • How much do you need me to put down?
  • What is the estimated total cost of the project?
  • What additional costs might arise?

Don’t forget to get it all in writing!

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