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Why use Design-Build instead of Design-Bid-Build?

  1. With design-build, you’ll have one point of contact to contact for status updates and accountability for the project. Since the entire project – including the architect(s) and engineer(s) needed - is coordinated by the design-builder, any typical denial of responsibility or blame disputes between the architect and builder are avoided.
  2. Seeing the entire project’s scope from the beginning allows the design-builder to provide a more accurate quote since they receive all sub-contracted bids up front. In design-bid-build, the architect has two disadvantages: the construction costs will not be known until the design is complete, and the architect is generally not as accurate on building costs as an actual builder.

Design Build Contracts

You’re probably familiar with the design-bid-build construction project. You start with the architect, who works with an engineer to design the project. Once the design is finished, you put the project up for bid and select a builder. Sometimes disputes of responsibility or direction arise between the builder and the architect that can prove to be costly in both time and money.

Increasingly popular is the design-build system. Rather than selecting an architect, then a separate builder, you contract directly with a design-build firm. Your design-build firm will coordinate the entire process, including directly working with architects and engineers as needed. From the beginning, you have one point of contact, and one entity that bears ultimate responsibility for the project.

What Do You Need for a Successful Design/Build Project?

According to Louis E. Rowe, P.E., a successful design-build project requires:

  • A well defined and explicit scope of work;
  • A specific range of responsibility for each team member and criteria for measurement;
  • A knowledgeable owner who can make quick, sound decisions;
  • Experienced, competent team members, and
  • A cohesive team with members fully committed to the common needs and goals set by the owner.

At Benchmark Construction, we specialize in the tools meet each of these criteria. We’ll help education owners, keep the team operating at peak proficiency, and clearly delineate all details from the scope to the finish of the project. Contact us today.

Design/Build Provides an Alternative to Building Frustrations

Design/Build is an alternative approach that streamlines the process of tenant improvement or building and enables budget discipline from beginning to end. The design/build firm will take full responsibility for design, construction, and satisfactory completion by delivering the project on time and on budget.

In this method, all team members make decisions in a collaborative approach providing greater efficiency and a more satisfying result for the time and money invested. By working with a company with both design and construction experience, you will have simplified lines of communication that reduce the chances of miscommunication.

Design/Build Takes the Stress out of a Tenant Improvement

There are many horror stories out there, including the tenant improvement that was supposed to take three month and ends up going on for a year or more. Plus, the budget isn’t meant to handle another six months of work so you are expected to fork up the extra cash.

The worst part is this is what people have come to expect from all construction projects. However, with a design/build firm, you can completely change what this process has become.

Design/build provides proper administration and planning to ensure your tenant improvement is a pleasant and timely experience. Design/build puts all responsibilities of a tenant improvement or building project into the hands of one single company. This gives you a single point of contact for all your questions and creates accountability.


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