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Looking for Construction Services? Go With Who You Know!

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You've been happy with your choice of general contractor for your commercial construction project, so why not use their construction services for ongoing upgrades, remodels and facility management? The benefit of insider information about your building project is invaluable, including the names of subcontractors, types of systems installed, potential problem areas, and your building's unique requirements.

Here's why going with who you know is a great choice for all of your ongoing construction services needs.

3 Ways to Avoid Building Construction Delays

construction delay frustration

It's not uncommon for commercial building construction projects to take longer than the customer anticipated. One seemingly harmless delay can have a ripple effect that puts the entire job off course.

Check out these tips to avoid common bottlenecks and delays in your building construction project's timeline.

1. Understand Your Local Permitting Process

No matter where your building construction project is taking place, it's critical to understand the permitting process. In almost all cases, there's no realistic way to fast-track building permits. Since procedures vary from one city to the next, working with a building construction company that's familiar with the area can make a big difference. They'll know how much time to figure into the overall plan so you won't be faced with any unpleasant surprises.

Finding the Best Construction Services Provider for Your Building Project

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After you've decided to move forward with your building project, the next step in the process is to partner with a reputable construction company. Since no two construction services providers are alike, this all-important decision may take some time.

Here are a few crucial tips to help you find a construction company with the services and reputation you deserve.

Reputation Matters.

In the highly competitive world of construction services, a few companies in the industry stand out above the rest. Here's why.

How Design-Build Construction Saves Customers Time and Money

Savings Under Construction

Beginning a construction project of any kind is a massive undertaking. As a customer, you may be stepping into entirely uncharted waters, putting your faith in a variety of construction services providers and hoping they'll make decisions in your best interest.

The Design-Build Difference

Before you've signed on with any construction services providers, you're still very much in the driver's seat. Unfortunately, many construction projects spiral out of the customer's control very quickly, with missed deadlines, a stream of change orders, and unexpected cost overages.

To make sure your project stays on budget and schedule, Benchmark Construction uses a design-build approach that's different from traditional methods.

Here's how a design-build construction approach has your back, from start to finish.

Choosing a Site for Your New Building Construction Project

building construction project

Growth is almost always a good thing, but it never arrives without a few challenges along the way. If your business or organization has been experiencing growth, it may be time to expand your current building or add a new location.

Along with choosing a reputable local construction firm, one of the first steps in any building construction project is choosing a building site. Here's how to begin.

Choose a great location

You'll want to consider the appropriateness of the local area for your business before you spend time searching for a specific building construction site.

The UCD Solution

Ultra Constant Discharge, or UCD Lighting, is a low charge high-efficiency lamp that totes high quality, durable, and long-lasting lighting solutions. UCD Lighting is revolutionizing the way that people are utilizing efficient lighting. It mixes seven colors in the visible spectrum to create the most natural color possible. This makes vision much clearer and colors more vivid.

UCD Lighting is a more efficient means of lighting everything from household lighting to commercial and industrial uses. Many cities are turning to UCD Lighting for streetlight solutions as they have a significantly decreased chance of short-circuiting, are easily maintained, and are protected from water, dust, and insects.


UCD lighting is currently one the hottest trends in lighting and we are here to answer any questions you may have. There are a variety of reasons to switch to UCD lighting in your home or business. Here are some of the more frequent questions we hear regarding UCD Lighting.

1. What does UCD stand for? – Ultra Constant Discharge

2. What sets UCD lighting apart? – Aside from the 75% energy savings when compared to standard lighting solutions, UCD lighting also boasts a staggering 20,000 hours of average lifespan. In addition, UCD lights produce light that is comparable to natural light, and the fixtures are waterproof and weatherproof.

3. What are the types of UCD lamp currently available? – Currently available are 40W, 60W, 80W, and 120W lamps.

Why You Should Utilize UCD in your Business

Ultra Constant Discharge lighting, or UCD lighting, is a high-efficiency lighting solution that offers clear, bright light that is as bright as daylight. UCD lighting fixtures are water and dust proof, meaning they are perfect for use both in and outdoors. UCD lighting requires very little maintenance and is rated to last up to 20,000 hours.

UCD lighting can be utilized for any number of areas such as:

  • Sporting Events
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Office Buildings
  • Military Use
  • Municipal Use
  • Restaurants
  • Schools

UCD lighting is 80% more efficient than other lighting solutions available today. It costs less to operate and lasts much longer, all the while providing a bright light solution that is closer to natural light than any other form of lighting on the market.

UCD Lighting for City Use

UCD lighting is becoming a popular option for city planners as they offer a variety of benefits over traditional street lighting systems. Aside from a longer lifespan and richer lighting experience, UCD lighting can handle the elements, making it ideal for outdoor use.

UCD lighting requires less general upkeep than standard lighting solutions. When maintenance is required, it is safer and easier to maintain than standard lighting systems. UCD lighting uses a two bulb system, so when one is no longer working, the other kicks on in its place. As opposed to traditional lighting systems, UCD lighting uses less energy, meaning that it is a great way to reduce overall energy use, saving the city money.

There are many reasons that a city should consider making the switch to UCD lighting. These include:


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